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We can help redirect your teenagers to the right path.
rebellious juvenile boy and a curator

A lot of teenagers feel the need to be socially accepted by people from the same age group. However, in doing so, some fall prey to bad influence and peer pressure. These could make them start doing things parents may have warned them against. If you are a parent of a teenager who seems to have lost his/her way, please do not give up on them. They need your guidance and they need the help of a professional who can redirect them to the right path that could lead them to a brighter future.

At Coore Health and Wellness Inc., we understand that sometimes teenagers may not want to communicate their problems and issues. However, our Psychologists and therapists have the training that enables them to give your teenager support that they need.

With this service, we can help teenagers from 12-20 years old.

For more information on how Teenager Counseling can help you and your teenager, please send us a message or reach us through our given contact information.