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Negativity Bias: Why Humans are Hardwired for Negativity

Negativity Bias: Why Humans are Hardwired for Negativity

Have you ever noticed yourself dwelling on criticism or fixating too much on your past mistakes? We often disregard all the good that happens in our life because negative events seem to have a greater impact on our brains. Psychologists refer to this as the “negativity bias” and it can have a powerful effect on a person’s behavior, decisions, and even relationships.

  • What is Negativity Bias?

    Negativity bias, also known as positive-negative asymmetry, refers to a human’s tendency to not only register stimuli more readily but also to dwell on these experiences. This means that we may feel the sting of disapproval more than we feel the bliss of praise.

  • Where Negativity Bias Stems From

    Our tendency to pay closer attention to the unfortunate and overlook the beneficial is likely a result of evolution, according to a number of studies. Earlier in human history, paying attention to bad, dangerous, and negative threats in the surroundings was literally a matter of life and death. Those who were more aware of danger were more likely to survive.

    In other words, this tendency to dwell on the negative more than the positive is simply one way our brains try to keep us safe.

  • How to Overcome Negativity Bias

    There are several ways you can overcome negativity bias, and we at Coore Health and Wellness Inc., a licensed provider of life counseling in Tamarac, Florida, are ready to help you in whatever way possible.

As soon as we’re finished with your initial assessment, we’ll assign you a mental health counselor who will provide you with the appropriate mental health care in Florida.

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