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What Is Suicidal Ideation?

Suicidal thoughts, or as some would call it “suicidal ideation” generally means thinking about or planning suicide. These thoughts may range from a detailed plan to a small, fleeting consideration but do not include the actual act of suicide.

Having suicidal thoughts are common for people undergoing stress or experiencing depression. In most cases, these are temporary and can be treated through Stress Management Therapy or other programs; however, there are still instances when the individual is put into risk.

Watch out for the following to help a loved one, today:

  • Feeling or appearing to feel trapped and hopeless
  • Feeling intolerable emotional pain
  • Having mood swings, either happy or sad
  • Being agitated, or in a heightened state of anxiety
  • Experiencing depression, panic attacks, impaired concentration

Coore Health and Wellness Inc. offers trusted and top-quality Life Counseling in Tamarac, Florida that is proven to help your loved one through the difficult emotions that they are feeling.

If you or a loved one is having a hard time coping with the different stressors of everyday life, measures should be taken to ensure protection. Contact us here to receive Mental Health Care in Florida provided by our professional Mental Health Counselor.

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