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Finding Strength: Trusting in Your Faith


Let’s be honest, the past year hasn’t been kind to all of us. We all had our ups and downs, and the current pandemic is not making it better. Finding ways to cope is different for each of us, but some may find it way too hard. At times, we may think that we are truly alone in this world and that no one will understand how we feel. Sometimes, even stress management therapy is not enough.

During these trying times, seeking professional help is crucial. Data on mental health care in Florida states that 63.7% of adults do not receive treatment. Although there are mental health resources such as 2-1-1 in Florida, some individuals are ashamed and uncomfortable sharing their thoughts and problems in life.

Feeling this way is normal. Experiencing shame and losing interest in seeking help from a mental health counselor are normal. So, if you are not ready, try seeking the comfort of the Word of God.

At Coore Health and Wellness Inc., we offer Health Evangelism and life counseling in Tamarac, Florida. Our Health Evangelism program aims to mix psychological theories and God’s message in helping our clients. Sometimes, people need to reconnect with God to find guidance and purpose in life so they don’t lose their way or feel helpless.

Our counselors are well-versed in psychological concepts and the miracle of God’s word in someone’s life. You can check for more details about us here on our website. If you are interested in asking for our support, please do not hesitate to talk to us.

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